Our production of entrance doors.

BS Porte produces resistant entrance doors, that safeguard every costumers’ house. They’re reliable. BS Porte deals with the production, the sale and the set up installation of entrance doors in the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua.

Entrance doors have to protect the threshold of every house. For this reason they must be stronger than internal doors because they more exposed to different types of external stresses. Moreover, entrance doors have to prevent break-ins. The structure is the main feature of sealed doors, but our artisans can add also a sliding bolt on the inside of the door.

The artisans of BS Porte are qualified in the manifacture of entrance doors and they’ll provide to give to our costumers the widest possible choice.


BS Porte produces various types of entrance doors. For example:

Get a look in our site and find much information about our entrance doors. We choose and check accurately every product to give to our customers the highest quality at the best price.